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Nanometer Handy Mist Spray Humidifier


1.Ultra-quiet design (20-25db). 
2.Ultrasonic technology(out-of-the-box) 
3.0.3nm atomization,absorable,unfrozen. 
4.Led light display working state 
5.Automatic Overcharge protection 
6.1A current when phone charging


Humidifier provides moisture for Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation, Dry Skin. Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation, monitor the shortage of water automatically and ensure the safety.

- Enjoys the ultimate aromatherapy experience from this little sleek device using your favorite fragrance without any heating elements making this diffuser safe to use.

- Moisturizes and refreshes the quality of air we breathe. Humidifies the hot and dry air in the room during summer and winter when heating is switched on.

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