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Alcohol breath tester
Police Grade Alcohol breath tester
Quick Details
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:HS018
Display:LCD Display
Certificate:FDA CE RoHS FCC
Function:Alcohol Content Test
Usage:Personal Alcohol Breath Tester
Sensor type:Electrochimica/Fuel Cell Sensor
Type:Mouthpiece Breath Alcohol Tester
Sensor:High-precision Semiconductor Sensor
Product Description
Fuel-cell professional breathalyzer detects the blood alcohol content (BAC) quickly

Highly accurate, consistent BAC results
The alcohol tester equipped with the latest professional grade fuel cell sensor technology. It can quickly detect your alcohol concentration in your breath to provide you with the most accurate results, ranging from 0.00~4.00‰BAC or 0.00~0.400%BAC or 0.00 ~2.00mg/L

Fuel-Cell Professional Breathalyzer

1. Police-grade fuel cell sensor technology: high sensitivity and quick response
2. Sensor Accuracy +/- 0.005% bac or +/-0.050 ‰ bac or +/-0.025 mg/l
3. Dispaly: 4 digit LCD backlit display
4. Portable and fashion design with zinc alloy material.
5. Testing records: 10 recent records
6 .Battery saved design with micro USB charging method, low voltage indication
7. Smart MCU control
8. Applicable to drivers and home use
The breathalyzer is extremely easy to use, it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery (3.7V) that you can use with any USB adapter and comes with a micro USB charging cable

Test yourself, your family and friends
This alcohol tester is equipped with a soft carrying case and 5 replacement. Unique front-facing mouthpiece. The breathalyzer is perfect for testing yourself as well as your friends and family. Take it with you wherever you go and responsible for their own safety and also to reassure their families safety

Trusted by professionals and individuals

Use JASTEK fuel-cell professional breathalyzer for a one-click operation that takes only a few seconds to complete the results you can rely on. Detection range with 0.00~4.00‰BAC / 0.00~0.400%BAC / 0.00 ~2.00mg/L (BAC can be set by yourself) helps you make the smart choice and keep you and others safe!

Why choose Professional grade breathalyzer?

Police-Grade accuracy with each time you test, the professional grade breathalyzer uses police-grade Fuel Cell Sensor technology and is ideal for applications requiring the most accurate results, such as clinical or roadside alcohol testing or personal BAC monitoring.

Principles of Fuel-Cell Alcohol Sensor
Fuel-Cell alcohol sensor works by obtaining principle of positive proportional current of alcohol molecules with platinum catalyzed "combustion" of alcohol molecules through Fuel-Cell sensor detecting method. This is also the fastest and most stable measurement technology of alcohol concentration at present.

Supply Ability
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & Delivery
Alcohol Breath Tester Packing
1pcs/gift box
QTY: 60pcs
G.W.: 17.3kg
N.W.: 16.4kg
Carton Size: 41*26*31.5CM

Important Notes

1. The initialization / warming time of the breathalyzer will be prolonged to 2 circles in order to full clean the alcohol residue under the following status: A. not in use for a long time; B. works in a low temperature environment; C. the previous testing of the alcohol concentration is high
2. When the instrument is not in use, place it in a dry environment at room temperature.
3. Avoid exposure to extreme conditions, such as long periods of direct sunlight.
4. If the difference of two continuous test results is larger than 0.1‰BAC or 0.01% BAC or 0.05 mg/L, it should be retested by the user.
6. During the breath sampling test, please do not block the vent.

EASY TO USE: Just press the power button for 2 seconds to start the professional breathalyzer alcohol tester, wait for 20 seconds for warming-up, then blow with the tester for 5-6 seconds, the result will be ready after 3 seconds, and it will be displayed on the LCD screen for 15 seconds

• NOTE: In order to make the test results accurately, please test with the alcohol breathalyzer 20 minutes later after drinking; please wait for another 3 minutes before starting the next test to get the precise testing result

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Our Company
The professional manufacturer for alcohol testers over 10 years!
Factory established in 2006, we develop and manufacture the alcohol tester with our high professionality;
We have got the FDA in 2017, and all our models are with CE,ROHS,FCC certifications as well as the testing reports.
12 patents on designs and functions are on hand now, and OEM and ODM services are available!
We also have rich experience in exporting the various breath alcohol testers to overseas markets as US, Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East;
Contact us if you are interested in our products or you have an idea on developing your own design, our service will meet our satisfactions;
Packing & Delivery
Portable Ketone Analyzer  Package Contents:
• Professional Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester x1
• User manual x1
• Mouthpieces x5
• Carrying String x1
Warranty Policy for our Breathalyzer alcohol tester

• WARRANTY POLICY: Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyzer alcohol tester provides the most accurate and convenient alcohol test, if you are not satisfied or have any quality problems, please feel free to contact us, our alcohol breathalyzer tester will be with 12-month replacement warranty.

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